About Us


Myth Sans Misogny


Little do we know where our entrepreneurial careers are headed, but we know that we're curious to find out. Oshina and Saurabh, the atypical duo of a textile designer from NIFT and an engineer from a not so famous Gurugram college (sigh) are the co-founders of Modern Myth and being avid animal lovers, they take pride in the fact that all their products are and in the future will always be animal cruelty free.

Oshina, the founder and one of our directors has worked with a couple of apparel and home furnishing brands along with independent design projects. These experiences were plentiful enough for her to realise the desire (or need, to be honest) to work on her own terms and be the #GirlBoss she always wanted to be (Since that was not going to happen around the people she was working with (*work politics*).

Saurabh, the founder loves the other founder and that was reason enough for him to be a part of her adventurous journey.

Starting their brand with vegan bags, designed and crafted locally, the founders have tried to promote the make in india campaign to support the local artisans and craftsmen.

At Modern Myth, our ideology is to play around the modern day myth's/social stigma's prevalent in the society, add a quirky element to it and fictionalise our own folklore (sans the misogyny of course) to be inculcated in our designs and let the customer decipher each design as per their own individuality and understanding. (#MythSansMisogyny)
We've tried to grasp the rich and diverse cultural heritage of the country onto our handmade products in a modern avatar to everyone worldwide.